Jill Johnson Becklund

Profile Updated: July 16, 2022
Residing In Minneapolis, MN USA
Spouse/Partner Jeffrey Becklund
Occupation Teacher, Health Coach, Personal Coach
Children Marie (1982), husband Jake, 4 kids ages 14,9,11,6
Laura (1986), husband Seth, 5 kids ages 8, 6 , More…4, 22 months, newborn soon
Scott (1990), wife Leah, 2 kids ages 4 & 2
Yes! Attending Reunion
Career and Other Comments

Graduated 1976 from Gustavus with a secondary teaching degree, but did not teach until 1998. Most of my teaching career was involved with teaching in alternative schools for district 287. I received my Master of Education with an emphasis on those students who did not do well in traditional school. Many of my students were teenage moms, ESL, drug addiction recovery, or marginalized in some way.I loved those students

While my kids were young I was a Weight Watcher leader for 11 years.

After I left teaching I became a Personal Trainer and Health Coach. This has always been one of my passions.

Favorite/Memorable Places

On my honeymoon to Rocky National Park, my husband planned my first backpacking camping. I stood up with the pack and fell over backwards. He packed more wisely for our 2nd backpacking hike to the boulder field below Longs Peak a few days later (camped at 12,000 ft.) The next day we scrambled/hiked up to the top of Longs (over 14,200 ft.) It was how he "broke me in". ** Then for our 25th Anniversary he hired a guide to lead us technical climbing up Longs Peak. We camped in the boulders again in an ice storm. We renewed our vows while I was shivering so badly the guide was concerned about hypothermia.

We tent camped, almost every summer, in RMNP with our kids from their birth, and although not really a vacation, it was always memorable.

What memorable or famous people have you met?

The most memorable people I have met are those that were leaders, and teachers in the body of Christ. These people helped me grow in my faith, have meaningful fellowship, and supported our family in intentional ways.

I have been blessed since I was a child by the love, forgiveness, mercy, and grace of the Lord Jesus in the many challenges and trials I have faced. He is the most important, famous, and memorable person in my life.

Words of wisdom?

True wealth has nothing to do with money or possessions. I feel like the wealthiest person on earth since I have been blessed with 44 years of marriage, children and in-laws who are all amazing, and are people of faith. With the blessing of 11 grandchildren, who add even greater wealth, love, purpose, and joy to my life.

Joy and contentment can be ours no matter what life brings.

Live each day with a grateful, joyful heart, for we do not know what tomorrow brings.